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Postal code of 19B East High Street, Forfar, uk

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US The ZIP Code of 42.096431,-83.291874 is 48134
US The ZIP Code of 35 11th ave n, algona, wa is 98001
BR The CEP of 9741007 is 97410-000
BR The CEP of 974-1007 is 97410-000
CA The Postal Code of 10000 airpot private is K1V
CA The Postal Code of 93 Cramond Cres is T3M 1B8
GB The Postcode of london england is SW1P 3
IE The Eircode of 40 garanbawn murroe co.limerick ,ireland is V94 WF6W
IE The Eircode of murroe co limerick ,ireland, ireland is V94 393P

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