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(Any Postal Code in Liechtenstein should have this format: 9999)
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Examples of Postal Codes searched recently

GB The Postcode of 52.0934232,-4.0820920 is SA48 8DZ
US The ZIP Code of 08830 is 08830
US The ZIP Code of 07001 is 07001
US The ZIP Code of washington dc usa07001 is 20036
CA The Postal Code of 50 musgrove st Toronto, ont is M4E 3W2
PR The ZIP Code of Miramar,Ponce is 00728
CA The Postal Code of 49.229491,-123.002575 is V5H 4M4
US The ZIP Code of Texas is 79567
US The ZIP Code of Price utah usa is 84501
CA The Postal Code of Victoria canada is V8W 1P5
AR The Postal Code of -34.5983199,-58.3728509 is C1054AAD
US The ZIP Code of 08210 is 08210

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