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(Any Postcode in Netherlands should have this format: 9999 AA or 9999)
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If you don't know the address for the location that you want to find the Postal Code, you could find the place on the map and click on it to get the coordinates; then, hit Find.

Most searched Postcodes in NL Netherlands

Examples of Postal Codes searched recently

NL The Postcode of amsterdam, netherlands is 1012 RJ
NL The Postcode of Schin op Geul is 6305 AV
NL The Postcode of Van Ostadestraat 261III is 2526 EW
NL The Postcode of 52.353617,4.900172 is 1073 TN
NL The Postcode of Unit no is 9101 LA
NL The Postcode of steyl is 5935 BK

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