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(Any ZIP Code in Puerto Rico should have this format: 99999)
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Examples of Postal Codes searched recently

US The ZIP Code of Defiance OH 44512 is 43512
US The ZIP Code of OH 44512 is 44512
GB The Postcode of west green london uk is N22 6RA
IE The Eircode of 12 henry street dublin, ireland is D01 KX49
GB The Postcode of tottenham london uk is N17
GB The Postcode of London, uk is SW1P
GB The Postcode of Crumpets London, uk is SW1P
FR The Postal Code of Quick Place 3364, france is 72270
US The ZIP Code of Quick Place 3364, usa is 81069
US The ZIP Code of 5167 Manley Hill, Russia is 14755

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