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ZIP Code Lookup & Finder for Puerto Rico | Address Lookup

(Any ZIP Code in Puerto Rico should have this format: 99999)
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If you don't know the address for the location that you want to find the Postal Code, you could find the place on the map and click on it to get the coordinates; then, hit Find.

ZIP Codes by Municipality

Most searched ZIP Codes in PR Puerto Rico

Examples of Postal Codes searched recently

PR The ZIP Code of moca pr 00676 is 00676
PR The ZIP Code of Luquillo is 00773
PR The ZIP Code of 00976 is 00976
PR The ZIP Code of avenida baralt is 00738
PR The ZIP Code of 6505 Amet Ave is 00962
PR The ZIP Code of 18.412030,-66.094952 is 00920
PR The ZIP Code of 00962 is 00962

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